Headed to Morocco

Soon, I will be teaching First Grade in Morocco.  I am very excited about the move and have started planning for next year already.  One thing I want to do next year is a center on “Traveling the World”.  This center will allow me to utilize my single classroom computer (yes, I am going from teaching in a technology lab with 29 computers, a projector and a smartboard to a classroom with one computer) and integrate reading, writing, science and social studies.  Students will use a glog (www.edu.glogster.com – have you checked these out yet, they’re awesome!)  that I created to find answers for their country’s book.  Since I believe in starting close to home, I decided to start with Morocco, which is where all of my students will call home for the school year.

As I am still planning, I’d love your feedback. Download my book on Morocco by clicking on it, and let your students use my glog (linked to the screen shot) to find the answers.  It would be a great “filler” project for the end of the year!

When you’re done, post a comment and let me know how it works.  Maybe I can tweak it before I even get my kids in September.  Thanks for your help!


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3 responses to “Headed to Morocco”

  1. conniesuntken says :

    Wow .. what a bold move .. what made you consider this? I have taught overseas, too – Canary Islands .. just next door to Morocco. When do you leave? Are you taking a family or just you?

    Love to correspond with you – clou3@yahoo.com

    • moroccoraki says :

      Connie – We arrived on Monday, which is why my blog looks a little sparse right now, lol! My husband is from Morocco, and we moved here with our three sons to give them a chance to learn the language and the culture. If you want, you can follow my other blog: http://moroccoraki.wordpress.com that is specifically about our journey. I would also love to correspond, how did you like the Canary Islands?

  2. Cheryl says :

    How exciting! Good luck in Morocco!

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