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As a computer teacher, I was always being asked “What’s a good website for…..?”  Thanks to wonderful friends and an addition to the internet, I often have the answer to that question!!!  As I am now getting wonderful followers, I thought I would share these free websites with you.  I did not create any of these websites, nor do I get paid to promote them, they are just ones I have used with kids and enjoyed.  I hope you enjoy too!

What is a good website for…

Writing?  – allow kids to choose artwork illustrations and write their own online storybooks

Spelling? – this great interactive spelling practice gives students a chance to practice on pre-loaded lists (including dolch words), or sign up for the premium and you can load in your own lists.

Math? – Virtual Manipulatives allow students to manipulate many different math topics with just the click of a mouse – My favorite is using base ten blocks to subtract with regrouping. – Oswego Math Games are great reinforcers and easy math centers.

Math Fast Facts? – Math Magician gives students timed quizzes to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts and allows them to print a certificate after each completed level.

Reading? – the best phonics site I have ever found! – This BBC site covers a lot of good reading skills – just make sure if you are in the states that you make your students aware of differing spellings of words.

Typing? – Dance Mat Typing is the best way I have ever found to get kids touch typing.  They love the dancing and singing characters and are coached all along the way to use correct fingering patterns for typing without looking at their hands, a skill that is getting more valuable than handwriting.

Creating Projects? – allow kids to create a glog (online poster) about just about any topic.  Glogs can be simple words and graphics or can be created complex with links to sound, videos and websites.  You can create glogs about books you’ve read, topics you’ve researched, concepts you are working on, anything that you want a project about!  Each teacher can sign up for 30 FREE student accounts.


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One response to “FREE Online Resources”

  1. Mrs. Polston says :

    Thanks for all the good suggestions about websites and thanks for participating in the mega give away!

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