Calling for Backup

ain1I am so addicted to the Word Family files I am creating right now, but I wish the ideas would slow down.  I come up with ideas faster than I can create them, so I have called for backup – mainly my husband.  I happen to have an amazing, computer savy husband.  ( He does some designing for TPT as well, mainly language specialty stuff in French and Spanish.  I think he has some Arabic planned to come out soon.)  He has been able to take my idea and the documents I have already created for Word Family File Folder Games and create Word Family Word Wall Cards.  We have coordinated to have them in coordination with the Alphabet Cards and Sight Word Cards that I have already posted.  Between the two of us, we hope to have ack2these pieces up before the end of the month, as individual files and then as a combination (for a discount of course).  Once we are done with these two pieces, I have power points, student books, center activities and bulletin board posters to work on!  I might be working on Word Family activities until Christmas.  (I have to be done by January, because that is when I am due to start teaching Word Families!)  In the mean time, I will add a little up each day until we get it done, so stop by and take a look.  The ACK family will be FREE for each and every Word Family product.

Also, don’t forget that tomorrow starts the Back To School Sale.  TPT is offering 10% off with the coupon code B1T1S  and then an additional 20% off on TONS of stores from the 1st – 4th, including Raki’s Rad Resources of course!!  Come by and get your 30% off!


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