Where it’s at Wednesday (post on Thursday)

Sorry this post is a day late – I didn’t get the keys to my classroom until yesterday, and didn’t actually get to work in there until today.  I am teaching in what used to be a Kindergarten classroom, so I’m weeding out what might be too little for my Big Kid First Graders.  Anyways, here is a look at the before and middle of my classroom (It’s far from done).


Check out all this primary furniture!!  For a new to primary person, this was interesting to see.  But look at that BIG blank wall, perfect for my wordwall!!!


There really aren’t any hallways in my school, all doors lead outside – mine leads to the Kindergarten play area and to the bathroom (yellow doors straight through the windows).  I am super excited to be so close to the bathrooms, because I LOATHE stopping learning to take the class on bathroom breaks.


Excuse the silly kids getting in my picture – they were actually big helpers.  Do you notice the strings attached to my lights, ready and set to hang from?  One good thing about Morocco – no fire codes, lol!  Now, check out the one and only computer in my room.  For those of you who don’t know – I am a super techie, so this is the hardest part of my transition – going to only one computer.  Plus, it is right now situated up on my big teacher desk, and not accessible to the kids.  I am trying to figure out how to change that.

Okay – Progress, not completeness, but progress:


My son is posing in our “library”/meeting area.  I was psyched to unearth a whiteboard easel – perfect for morning message.  If you can’t see closely, those are all Dr. Seuss books on top of my bookshelves.  Dr. Seuss is going to be as close as I get to a “theme” this year.  I love his books, and think they are perfect for first grade.



The front of my room has been broken a little into centers, and I have put the appropriate materials where they belong, but of course no decoration has occurred.  I am not sure if the kitchen is staying, but for right now it separates out my centers.  The boxes on the windowsill belong to another teacher – they aren’t mine.  Smile


I still have boxes up on my terrace to go to my classroom, and plenty of work to do, but I think I did pretty well for my 1st day!


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