Pictures of the Progress

Okay, so the day after I posted pictures for Where it Goes Down Wednesday, I was told I was moving to a different, smaller room.  Here are some pictures of my NEW room.  It is not ready by any means, and I just found out that these tables are being switched out for desks, but anyways, here is what I have.



Large Meeting area and classroom library – the display shelf is empty on purpose.  It is my “Warm Reading” shelf which will be filled with the books we read at read aloud and shared reading.



Isn’t this tree great?  I didn’t make it, the room’s previous owner did, but I love it.  I goes well with our Dr. Seuss theme.  I’m going to make a sign that goes next to it and says “Welcome to the Jungle of Nool”.  The other picture shows my big seat to use for read aloud, and the sign in area.


These tables are going to be switched out tomorrow for desks, but everything else is staying.  My whiteboard is not too large, but it will work Smile.

More pictures to come over the course of the week.  I was able to get the pieces of my word wall printed and the gentleman who does our laminating has it, so as soon as I get it back and get some tape (yes basic supplies have been lacking in this transition period) I will get it up and get pictures up.


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One response to “Pictures of the Progress”

  1. Mary Bauer says :

    Your room looks great! I am also preparing my room this week, but you look like you are ahead of me. Have a great school year.

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