Fall is Here


I know that it is fall because apples are everywhere.   I know it is fall the calendar says October.  In fact, my calendar even has these pretty October numbers.  (Get them by clicking on the picture, btw)  I know it is fall because Teacher Tam is having a Fall linky party.  I know it is fall because my student’s writings are filled with zombies and monsters and ghosts.  I know it is fall because I have to put my six month old in actual pajamas to go to sleep, instead of leaving him in his onsie.  I know it is fall – I’m just now sure how summer went away so fast.  Anyone know the answer to that question?  Anyways, post a reason you know it is fall and your email address and I’ll send you these halloween numbers FREE.


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3 responses to “Fall is Here”

  1. Cheryl says :

    I know it is Fall because I live in Texas and we went from high 98 weather to 88 degrees on Saturday! (It was in the 60s when I woke up – Heaven!) 🙂 Thanks for the freebies! 🙂

  2. Caitlin says :

    I know it is fall when I stop searching my closet for the lightest color and lightest fabric shirt, shorts, or dress I can find on my recess duty days! Boy does it get hot and miserable here in August/September! So glad it’s cooling down and I’m not a hot, sweaty mess anymore on recess duty days. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the freebies!

  3. Shauna(Amal in Morocco) says :

    I know its fall because i am longing for pumpkins…… I am looking for the big round orange ones everywhere i can……no luck yet…. sad in marrakech:(

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