Are They Ready For Word Families?

ACKI think they are, I think they are.  My kids are slowly getting a real handle on beginning consonant sounds and pattern books – so the next step is Word Families.  I know they are not,  ALL ready, but I have 2 solid groups who are going to start word families next week.  I am going to use these cool Word Family Centers within my Guided Reading groups to introduce the word family we are working on.  The kids put an initial sound card (letters, digraphs and blends) in the beginning of the word family and try to find the picture to match the word family for the end.  (Click here or on the pictures for a package of these centers covering 41 different word families.) After we practice in Guided Reading, the centers will ack2eventually make their way to individual word work centers.  I am excited to see how they handle it.   I’ll let you know how it goes.  I also need to bring in my camera and take some pictures of centers – because that has been the success story for my talkative kids.  Seat Work is never quiet, and NEVER works, but active centers has provided active learning and is working really well for this group.  Anyways, for more Word Work Activities – Check out the Linky Party at the Rockin’ Teacher Materials Blog.


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