Happy Birthday to Me–The Present’s For You!

profilephotoOn Wednesday, November 9th, I will be 29 years old – for the first time, I think I may try to turn 29 again next year too, lol!  I’m kind of bummed that it’s my last birthday in my 20’s, so to cheer me up, I decided to have a MONSTER giveaway.  ‘Cause I don’t know about you, but I always feel better to get something for free, and giving something away for free makes me feel just as good.  I think it’s that whole bucket filler, bucket dipper concept.  (Have you read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  – my class is totally addicted!)  Anyways, here is the giveaway:


Any item in my store, completely FREE


Yep, you read that right, I will e-mail you directly any item (no price limit)in my store for FREE, all you have to do is leave a message on my FB Fan page with a link to the product you want for free and your e-mail address, and I’ll send it directly to you.  I have 317 items in my store, so I am sure you can find something that will interest you.  Now, my husband has promised me to take me out for my birthday on Wednesday at 7:00 my time (3:00 EST), so you must have your link posted up before I leave for dinner.  So, go ahead and take a look at my store, see what you want me to send you for FREE.



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16 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me–The Present’s For You!”

  1. Deanna says :

    Hi Raki,

    I’m not sure how to submit my request via Facebook so I’m sending it here. LOVE your information you share and use it often!

    Would love to have the Self Correcting Puzzle – Base 10 Blocks 1-20. Thanks so much for sharing your birthday!!

  2. Sherrie says :

    Happy Birthday—enjoy 🙂 I posted this on facebook but am also sending it here. Would love the tiling activity with 3 and 4 digit multiplication.
    Thanks so much—-have a blessed birthday.

  3. Joan says :

    Facebook will not let me post a comment on your wall. So here’s my wish list:
    Thank you so much. I hope your birthday is wonderful.

  4. Rachel Lynette says :

    Happy birthday to a fellow Scorpio!

  5. Pauline Koncelik Watson says :

    Happy Birthday, Raki.
    I love all the resources you created. Would you recommend the Reading Journal for Primary or the Read Aloud Journal – A Simple Way to Teach Reading Strategies for a 2nd grade gifted/high-achieving class?

  6. Michele Gibson says :

    Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for sharing! I am not sure how to respond on facebook so I am responding here. I would love the Writing Journals – A Year’s Worth of Writing for Specific Genres. This would be so helpful with the writing in my third grade class.

  7. Patricia R. White says :

    Happy Birthday and thanks a bunch for the great giveaway! I tried to respond on FB too and was not able to. I would love to have “Writing Journals – A Year’s Worth of Writing for Specific Genres” for my third grade class. I feel it would greatly benefit my 3rd grade writers.

  8. Sara Kull says :

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a great gift for everyone. I would love the 36 week reading response journal. You have some really great stuff. I will probably be purchasing some in the near future as well. Thanks so much!!

  9. Leisa Bush says :

    I hope you have a great day birthday girl. Thanks for the free gift of the primary reading journals. I am sure my second graders will enjoy them.

  10. Julie George says :

    I hope you have a great birthday and wish you a wonderful year of dreams coming true. Thank you for the free gift.. technology assessment

  11. Lynne says :

    Happy Birthday! I would love to have Tiling 2-digit x 1 digt multiplication puzzler. Thanks so much!

  12. Tricia Owens says :

    I requested the word family cards but never received them. I would love to have them.

  13. Sonya Laguna Shaffer says :

    Happy Birthday to you. My birthday is the day after yours! I would love to have the Primary Writing Journal: Genre Informational. My email is sonyashaff@cox.net. Thank you.

  14. Cheryl says :

    Hpapy Birthday today!!! 🙂 Hope your day is wonderful! It is 11:30 am cst and I can not get onto Facebook at school 😦 and I won’t be home until 7:00 pm tonight 😦 Can I leave my wish here? I would love Word Family Making Words Center – Package of 41 Centers – If possible! My email is crayonsandcurls@gmail.com.
    Thank you !

  15. Krystal says :

    Hi Raki– I posted on facebook but never heard back from you? I can see my post up there; but it sounds like some posts didn’t work, so I thought I would contact you here also. I would love the Word family file folder games packet (set of 41) and my email is missplott@gmail.com thanks so much and hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

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