Exploding Words

Recently heard in my classroom “Ms. Raki – The S is full!!”  My darling student 100_61691who was stating the obvious, was looking at my exploding word wall.  In the beginning of the year, I envisioned this beautiful, useful, huge, word wall.  Well, it’s beautiful, and it’s very useful, but 100_6170man is it HUGE!  It takes up a whole wall in my room, and my student was right, the S is already full.  Since it’s only halfway through the year, it’s also only half full!  So, my chore this week is to figure out how to rearrange it so slightly to fit more S words on it.  (While I’m at it, C and A are getting pretty full too!)  Here’s what’s on my word wall, that’s making it explode:



1.  The first 100 sight words (there are 100 more to put up!)

2.  My students’ names with their pictures (this is why A is so full – I have 5 A names in my room!)

3.  Shape Names

4.  Color Words

5.  Number Words

6.  Word Family cards (word and picture) for the ap, at, ed, et, ip, it, and op families – we add another word family each week, so this is the bulk of what will be added going forward  (Unfortunately, they have cut me off the color printer, so these are now in black and white – the kids don’t mind, but I do!)

Luckily, my kids really use the word wall.  They use it during writing and reading time (and on their spelling tests, which I allow, because if they can find the word what out of all of those words, that’s just as important as memorizing it in my book!) on a daily basis.  I love my word wall, I really do, but man, I’m not looking forward to taking it down at the end of the year!!

If you want any of the word wall cards on my word wall, or the word wall labels, they are available at my TPT store.  For direct links, click on the words above, or visit my store at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Heidi-Raki.



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