Internet Scavenger Hunts

For two years, I was a computer specialist, and I was always trying to come up with new, great ways to allow students to use the computer, while integrating all the standards we have to teach anyways.  One resource I created for my students and teachers were internet scavenger hunts.  The internet scavenger hunts that I created allowed my students to visit websites to find the answers to questions or activities on a given subject – specifically their science and social studies topics.  As a technology specialist, I actually had my students working on these at home, or with their home room teacher, so I had almost forgotten about them.  Then, the other day I was going through my files to see what I had for States of Matter, my next science subject, and I realized that I have an internet scavenger hunt for it!  I also have one for weather and moon phases, two of the other topics I cover this year!  I love when I come across materials that I have already made and I can use them in a new way.  I also realized that some of these internet scavenger hunts may be useful to you guys, so here are some links to some of my favorite internet scavenger hunts.  (FYI – I have internet scavenger hunts for grades K – 5, so there’s something for everyone!) 

is2         is3


is4     is


P.S.  These work great as a computer center, or an at-home project.




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