Homophone Books

In addition to my regular classes, I also have the opportunity to teach additional tutoring classes to some older students (2 fourth graders, 1 sixth grader, 1 seventh grader and 1 eight grader) who are in need of support in English.  Like most of the students at my school, these students are English Language Learners, but these particular students have slightly less experience with English than the others. 

My group of students is great, although a little talkative, but they definitely knows what they want to work on.  They don’t’ want to do grammar, they don’t want to do workbook exercises.  They want to know “all the different ways to say something”, which is a good ELL skill, because it’s all that vocabulary and intricacies that come with knowing a language. 

So, my extra group of students are making vocabulary books (plain, simple paper folded, and stapled together and markers were mine only needed supplies).  The first books we made were on homophones, now we have moved on to multiple meaning words, and next we’re going to make idiom books.  The homophone books turned out so great, that I just had to share!  When they finish their other books, I’ll post pictures of them as well.


Homophone Books
100_6363     100_6364

100_6366          100_6370






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