Curious George Measurement

It’s time for the Wednesday Website suggestion!! For two years, I was the Technology Specialist at a school in Georgia. During that time, I amassed a large collection of websites that I use with my students. If you want to search through some of them, you can check out my IKeepBookmarks site. Or, you can check back here each week for the Wednesday Website suggestion.

If you check last week’s website suggestion, you know that our new mathgeorgemeasurment topic is working on measurement. Luckily, I teach first grade, so we are only measuring with non-standard units! However, PBS apparently has this one covered! In this week’s website, Curious George uses different items to measure how tall things are – coins, donuts, teddy bears, it’s perfect for non-standard units!  Click here to check it out.

Okay two weeks of very primary websites means next week we’ll have one more geared for everyone!

Hope you enjoyed this Wednesday’s Website suggestion – check back each Wednesday for a new Wednesday’s Website suggestion. Also, feel free to check out some of my previous Wednesday Website suggestions including: Science Kids, Find the Dog’s Bone, Storybird, Counting Money, Presidential Biographies and Math Magician.




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