A Page Full of Freebies

Did you know I have 368 items for sale in my TPT store?  That number scares me!  How did I get that many – oh that’s right, I’m a teacher resource addict!  Seriously, every time I turn around I am making something new.  So much so that in addition to these 368 teacher resources, I have folders and folders full of other resources that have never made it onto TPT or TN, and honestly, I just don’t have time to list it all.  free

So, I’ve decided to go through and add all these “extra” products to the Exclusive Freebies page that goes out to my News Release Subscribers each week.  We’re adding a few at a time, so each week the page may look a little different, just depending on how much time we’ve had to add things to the page.  Remember this is just a two man show, and my husband and I have 3 kids and full time jobs on top of Raki’s Rad Resources, so it may take a minute to get all the products I have for you onto that page.  However, if you are a subscriber, you will get the updated link in each new News Release.  If you are not a subscriber, click HERE to become a News Release subscriber.

Here are a few of the things you will find on the Exclusive Freebies page this week:

aphousefreebie       allaboutmeproject

italybook      ackbook

Don’t forget to sign up to get your Exclusive Page of Freebies!


rakishop42242223 tn4



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