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10 Free Writing Prompts

After having so much fun with last week’s You Know You’re a Teacherwriting prompt linky party When Linky Party, I was super excited to see that Diary of a Not-So Wimpy Teacher and Classroom Magic were teaming up to have a Picture Writing Prompt Linky party.  It was perfect timing too, because I was just getting ready to make some writing prompts with the awesome clipart my husband makes.  Apparently, I got over-excited, because I made 10!!!  So, instead of a Top 10 for this week, I’m giving you all 10 prompts for FREE.  Feel free to print off the pictures themselves (by right clicking and saving image) or even easier, click on each picture and you will get a free sheet from Google Docs with the writing prompt and a space for your students to write.  Enjoy!!






























Raki’s Rad Resources News Release

Want access to freebies and more quality resources than anyone else?  Sign up for the Raki’s Rad Resources News Release.  The first news release is due out on February 3rd and I’d love you to be one of those who gets the special Valentines Day resource that I will provide FREE for all of those who are signed up.  Here’s the link to the sign up form – (unfortunately wordpress is not allowing me to copy the html code, so I’m sorry it’s not a part of the actual post!)



Number Family Freebie


Does anyone else have students in their class who keep forgetting that a number family meets that only those 3 numbers in that number family can be included?  My kids were really struggling with this, so I put together these houses as a quick, last minute activity right before winter break.  There are 100_6165number tiles that the students cut and paste to make the equations that  are in the number family.  It’s a simple, easy activity, and if you click on the picture, you can grab a copy FREE from google docs, simply click on either of the pictures above.  I only have the one fact family, but it’s very easy to change the activity by simply changing the numbers in each box.  Feel free to alter at will!  And take advantage of that, because it’s rare to hear it out of me! 

That’s all I have today folks, short and sweet (for once!).  Hope everyone’s having a good week back to work.  BTW – If you haven’t seen my New Year’s Center Packet yet, it’s not too late to grab it!


Let the Kids Make the Problem

My students were having a bit of trouble understanding the difference between addition and subtraction.  We did a variety of activities to help them understand, including using manipulatives, pictures, and putting two equations with the same numbers, but different signs right next to each other (5+3=8  5-3=2).  However, the thing that worked the very best was to let them come up with their own word problems.  At first, they were just excited to be able to use each other’s names, but as they got to drawing, they really understood all of a sudden that in addition you have two separate groups, where as in subtraction you have one group and you are giving some away.  It’s also made my problem solving center run so much smoother!  Here’s what we did:

1st – We wrote an addition word problem using the names of our friends.  We also drew a picture to represent our word problem.



2nd – On the back, we wrote the addition fact that would solve the word problem we created.



3rd – We had each student’s page bound into a book and placed it on the “warm shelf” to be read over and over.


4th – Repeat Steps 1-3, with a subtraction fact.

sub1     sub2


5th – Had a whole class discussion about the difference between addition and subtraction.


Want to try this with your class – click on any of the pictures and get the pages for FREE from my Google Docs.


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