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Get up to 350 Teacher Resources Free

I have a confession to make – I am not the best “detail person”.  It took me 4 days to realize my husband painted the car.  I don’t always notice if my kids change clothes halfway through the day.  And, I’m known to miss a period or misspell a word in some of my teacher resources.  For example, in my Christmas Centers Packet, I found 4 errors (one was found by a Fabulous Raki’s Rad rrrbuttonResources Follower).  Now, I am always happy to fix errors that I miss and resend them FREE of charge, but I know everyone would appreciate it more if the errors were gone ahead of time.  So, I decided to make it my New Year’s Resolution to find those errors and get them fixed.  I also decided I need some help.  So, I’m introducing the Raki’s Rad Resources Proofreading Team.

In order to get rid of all of the errors in my products and product descriptions, I am enlisting the help of you – Fabulous Raki’s Rad Resources Followers, and I’m willing to give away my store in exchange for your help!  Every product you are willing to proofread for me, you will receive completely FREE.  I’m even going to let you choose which product(s) you want to proofread!  (Each product will only be eligible to be proofread 2 times.)

By now, I hope you’re asking yourself – How do I sign up?  Here’s how:

1.  Fill out this form, giving me your contact information, so I can add you to the team.

2.  Go to my store and find the product you want to proofread (and get for FREE).  Use this form to proofread the product description. 

3.  Email the form to hlraki@hotmail.com and I will send you the teacher resource as it is listed right now.

4. Use this form to proofread the teacher resource.

5.  Email the form to hlraki@hotmail.com with the corrections.  I will then make the corrections and send you the updated teacher resource.

6.  Feel free to proudly place this badge on your blog!








I hope you join us on the Raki’s Rad Resources Proofreading Team!  Thanks in advance for all your help.


What’s your class reading?

My class absolutely LOVES read aloud time.  (They can’t sit still through it, but they love it.)  So, I thought I would post to let you know what we’re reading every once in awhile, and maybe some of you could post a list of what your class is reading, to share the love of books around to all of our classes.

Here’s what my class just finished reading:

The Muslim Childmuslimchild by Rukshana Khan is a great book for talking about the Muslim faith and Muslim holidays, which is part of my social studies curriculum.  (We use AERO standards for social studies, which allow you to tailor your standards to the country you teach in.)  This book has great stories about Ramdan, Hajj, and Eid al Fitr that are written from a kid’s point of view.  It was a great supplement to our Muslim Holidays unit.  (Get a FREE center packet on Muslim Holidays here.) 

Here’s what my class is currently reading:

The Fantastic Flying Journey by Gerald Durell is our newest book (we’re still in fanstic flying journeythe first chapter.)  This is one of my personal FAVORITE books!  It’s a story about a girl and her two brothers who get to spend the year traveling the world in a hot air balloon with their uncle.  While they are traveling (searching for another uncle who has gone “missing”), they use “science magic” to be able to talk to the animals they meet along the way.  It’s a great way to talk about maps and the places around the world, as well as different animals.  My class just finished learning about animal characteristics, (you can find my animal characteristics center packet here), and so it’s a great follow up for us.  Plus, it has some of the best illustrations I’ve ever seen, which is perfect for my English Language Learners (see my post on using graphics with ELL Leaners for more details).

Here’s what’s I’m reading to my class next:

I have promised my kids to start the Magic Tree House series with them when we finish The Fantastic Flying Journey.  We will start with Magic Tree House dinosaursbeforedarkbook # 1 – Dinosaurs Before Dark.  I have 13 boys in my class – and a book about going to the time of the dinosaurs has already captured their imagination.  I plan to do the first 4 Magic Tree House books, including: Knight before Dawn, Mummies in the Morning and Pirates Past Noon.  I started the idea of reading the Magic Tree House books because we learn about Ancient Egypt in our Social Studies curriculum, and Mummies in the Morning takes place during Ancient Egypt, but now that I’ve talked about it with my students, the kids are my motivating factor.  Any book that gets kids’ interested in learning is a good book in my mind.

So, what is your class reading these days?


Cyber Monday Sale on TPT

Sales, giveaways, contests – wow!  I try hard to blog about other important things for your classroom (TESOL Teaching Tips, Resources Lists, Classroom Tips), but the sales, giveaways and contests just keep coming along, and I’d hate for you not to know about it – so here’s one more.  (I promise to have a good resource Top 10 list for you tomorrow, and some cool stufimagef that’s going on in my classroom next week.)

So, what’s the latest news?  Well, Teachers Pay Teachers is giving out a Cyber Monday Code that will save you 10% all day on Monday.  The code is:  CMS28.  Then, of course, I couldn’t let that be all there was to the sale, so I joined up with other TPT sellers, and put my entire store on sale for an additional 20% off.  This is valid on Monday, November 28th only, so, hop over to my TPT store and load up on everything you’ll need to get you through the rest of the school year while it’s at such a high percentage off!


Thanksgiving Contest Details

My last year has been so amazing, that I have a lot to be thankful for. One ofimage_thumb the things I have to be thankful for is 150 followers on Facebook. I am blown away by that number, and so I want to thank each of you. I will be doing a Thanksgiving contest, starting today, Monday, November 21st, and ending on Wednesday, November 23rd, with the giveaway of not one, not two, but three, Teacher’s Pay Teachers gift certificates, each worth $15.

Here are the details.  Because you are trying to win a $15 gift certificate, the lucky number for this contest is 15.  There are 15 different ways to enter, so you can enter up to 15 times.  However, for each entry, you must come back and fill out the entry form, so that I can keep track and don’t lose your entries.

15 Ways to Enter:

1.  Post a comment to this blog telling everyone one thing you are thankful for.

2.  Follow this blog

3.  Follow Raki’s Rad Resources on Teacher’s Pay Teachers

4.  Like Raki’s Rad Resources on Facebook

5.  Follow Raki’s Rad Resources on Twitter

6.  Follow Raki’s Rad Resources on Pinterest

7.  Blog about this contest on YOUR blog, with a link

8.  Post about this contest on YOUR FB Fan Page, with a link

9.  Post about this contest on YOUR Personal FB Page, with a link

10. Tweet about this contest on YOUR Twitter, with a link

11.  Recommend this blog post using Goggle Plus

12 – 15.  Tell someone at your school about this contest (You can enter using this one 3 times, but please be sure to tell 3 people.)

Don’t forget – for each entry you MUST fill out the entry form below.

Good Luck Everyone!  Entries are due by Wednesday, November 23rd at 11:59 p.m. EST.  I will post a winner on Thanksgiving morning and email those winners their gift certificates.


Show Me The Picture

My class consists of 19 students, of which only 1 speaks English only in his household, and even he began his life in a bilingual environment. The other 18 speak at least one, if not two other languages in their homes. Most of my students speak Arabic, but many also speak French. I have 3 who speak French and not Arabic, 1 who speaks Spanish, and 1 who speaks a Philippine dialect. All of my students speak SOME English, but to varying degrees. My job is to teach them English, while also teaching them everything we normally teach in school (reading, writing, math, science, social studies etc.) Fortunately, I am certified to teach ESL and have some experience with English Language Learners. Due to my unique teaching position, I have had some readers ask for tips on teaching English Language Learners. So, from now on, I will now be doing a Teaching Tip Tuesday geared especially towards teaching English Language Learners. Here’s my TESOL Tuesday Teaching Tip:

TESOL Teaching Tip #1 – Use Pictures

One of the thing teachers are often surprised of with English Language Learners is how they can understand some difficult vocabulary, but then not know what a grape is.  Remember that when English Language Learners are learning, they are not always understanding every word, so often there is basic, or non school ramadanwordpicturevocabulary that they are missing.  For example, I recently completed a Muslim Holiday Center Packet with my students.  One of the activities was for them to draw a picture of words that were important to Ramadan.  All of my kids could draw a picture of sunrise animaged sunset and pray and fast.  The word that stumped them – date (as in the fruit you eat when you break your fast.)  Now, if these students lived somewhere else, I would say maybe they don’t know what a date is, but this is Morocco, dates are a very common snack here.  So, I went and did a google image search, showed my students a picture of a date, and all of a sudden, they understood.

This is the reason I say use pictures, use lots and lots of pictures as often as you can.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing a google search, use www.askkids.com or have a ready supply of books, magazines or picture cards ready to explain those words that are often unexplainable.   Showing a picture can get you through some of those simple words and on to more important topics, while allowing your English Language Learners to gain new vocabulary in the process.  Don’t forget to come back for TESOL Teaching Tip #10 – where we will talk about how culture can also affect some of how these pictures are viewed by your students.



French & Spanish Resources–Now Available

Before we moved to Morocco, we began looking for some fun ways to work on 100_5550French and Arabic with my sons, so that they could begin learning the languages they would need once we got here.  We weren’t able to find what we were looking for, so my husband, Khalil, who is fluent in 6 languages (Darija –the Moroccan Arabic dialect, Classical Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, and English) began making activities for them.  He began with arabic letter cards, moved on to French puzzles and just spiraled from there.  He began putting these items on Teachers Pay Teachers, and has been selling them there ever since.

Now that we have moved, we just seem to be busier and busier.  Last week, we sat down to look at the feasibility of running two Teachers Pay Teachers stores, raising 3 kids and working full time.  We decided we had two options, close down one of the TPT stores, or combine them for easier management.  Obviously from my title, we chose the later of the two.  Smile




Over the next few weeks, we will be transferring over his store onto my Raki’s Rad Resources TPT Store.  So, if you are looking for resources in French or Spanish (and eventually Arabic and Russian) you will now be able to find them here!  To start us out, he has uploaded a number word self correcting puzzle in Spanish and French for FREE.  Just click on the pictures to get your FREE puzzle!  Please pass the word to anyone you know interested in Spanish and French resources, that Raki’s Rad Resources is the place to find frenchnumbersthem.  If you are interested in resources in Arabic or Russian, please comment on this post to let us know.  Also, if there is any specific item you want in one of these languages, feel free to e-mail me at hlraki@hotmail.com and Khalil will work hard to get those items to you.



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