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St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hunt Day 5

Top of the Morning Blogging Friends.  I hope you’re having a great time with the St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hunt, gathering lots of freebies and teaching tips. If you’re hopping over from Mrs Lirette’s Little Learning Detectives, I’m so glad you found me!  I have a great St. Patrick’s Day puzzle for you today: 

Here’s your fabulous freebie, just right for St. Patrick’s Day – a Self-Correcting Puzzle that allows students to match the amount of money to the amount needed in the leprechaun’s pot.  Give your students practice counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as they help out the Lucky Leprechaun.  Click on either picture to grab your FREE St. Patrick’s Day Puzzle.

stp$2   stp$1

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shamrock5Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Don’t forget to click on the shamrock to find out where tomorrow’s treasure will lie!





Money, Money, Money

My math topic for the month of January is counting and comparing money. This may not seem like a big deal, as it’s part of every American curriculum I’ve ever seen. However, for my students (who live in Morocco) counting American money is, well, a foreign concept! I do work on counting Moroccan money (dirhams) with them as well during calendar, but it is not technically part of my standards. I also don’t have many manipulatives in my classroom, which means no pretend money. (You would see my classroom wishlist board on pinterest!) So, having them count money can be very time or money intensive on my part.  As I have little of both time and money, I am opting to cover money in 3 ways:


1.  The real stuff – My grandmother recently visited us here in Morocco, and she brought with her some real American coins, which I will use with the students in small group, so that we can review how each coin looks, how to tell the difference, and of course, how to count the coins.


2.  Technology! – If you haven’t seen Wednesday’s Website Suggestion from last week, it showcases the great website I am using where my kids can count money virtually.


3.  Puzzles – I have created three self-correcting puzzles 100_6308on counting money to get us started.  (I think I’ll probably make at least two more, as we get going.)  I started using them on Friday, and the kids were psyched!  They love puzzles anyways, and these are an easy way for them to count money without having to work in those dreaded workbooks.



Click on any of the pictures to download the self-correcting puzzles from TPT.

moneeasy1     moneyeasy2     moneyeasy3

Does anyone else have any ideas on how I can work on money with no manipulatives (and no smart board)?  If so, please leave me a comment or post it on my Raki’s Rad Resources Facebook Fan Page.


Suesstastic Birthday Giveaway

Did you enter my Birthday Giveaway back in November?  I think it was a good giveaway, but Melissa of Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations might just have me beat!  She’s giving away 40 items from her own TPT store, plus 45 items from other TPT sellers, myself included.



When Melissa decided to do her giveaway, I sent her my Self-Correcting Counting Puzzle, a favorite in my classroomcountingpuzzle, which is available at my TPT store for $2.50.  She also got contributions from The Organized Classroom, The Wise Owl Factory, and Nyla’s Crafty Teaching – to name a few!  You have until January 6th to enter and there’s TONS of ways to enter!!!  Head on over to her blog and get your chance at all the freebies!!!

Oh, and stand by for more details on a promotion I’ll be running and a chance to get pretty much my entire TPT store FREE.  I hope to have the details up and ready by Thursday.


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